January 2017

Tintometer® Group Inaugurates New Manufacturing Facility in India

Expanding colour measurement and water analysis expertise to support regional activities

December 2016

Lovibond Tintometer Donation On Your Behalf

2016 has been a diverse year. It has seen us settle in to our new facilities, the introduction of new products for both colour measurement and water analysis, the excitement of the Olympics and the team here constantly expanding.

November 2016

Special Offer for Visual Colour Measurement

Upgrade to an Automatic Instrument with the Lovibond® Offer

March 2016

New Managing Director for The Tintometer Ltd

After more than 11 years, Chris Counsell is stepping down from his post as Managing Director of Queen’s Award winner The Tintometer Ltd., of Amesbury, Wiltshire, with effect 30th April 2016. He will continue to work for the company on a part time basis as Director International Development, focusing on the new start-up in India, as well as assisting with other projects.

March 2016

New Lovibond® EComparator Range – The Best of Both Worlds

Progressing from Visual to Automatic Colour Measurement.

The EComparator series advances colour measurement to enable users to progress from Visual (subjective) to Electronic (objective) results. Traditionally, the Lovibond® team has been renowned for its supply of electronic (spectrophotometric) and visual (comparator method) instruments.  Colour graders who are used to the traditional comparator series sometimes find the upgrade to an electronic system daunting. The assurance of relying on physical colour difference is diminished. This transition has now been made easy.