AF327 Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA Colour, Low Range, 0 - 70 mg : 433270

The Lovibond® AF327 is a special kit for visual colour grading of Platinum-Cobalt/Hazen/APHA Colour over the range 0 - 70 mg Pt/l.

It allows users to comply with the path length requirements of ASTM D 1209, which specifies a system for colour comparison where a 100 ml column of sample 275 - 295 mm in length is matched with platinum-cobalt solutions.

Consider upgrading to the EComparator 2000 PtCo for visual and automatic measurement. The best of both worlds.

The AF327 kit is typically used for light yellow liquids such as water, oils and chemicals.
The colour is determined by visually matching a column of sample in a Nessler cylinder with precalibrated coloured glass standards, which are stablecoloured and not affected by UV light or extreme environmental conditions. Because the sample colours are relatively unsaturated, the kit employs a long path length Nessleriser comparator to give greater measurement sensitivity and accuracy.

Platinum-Cobalt/Hazen/APHA Colour (ASTM D1209) & (ASTM D5386)
354230 354230 Pair of Nessler cylinders 100 ml, 288 mm (ASTM D 1209) with glass anti-meniscus plungers