AF329 Platinum-Cobalt/Hazen/APHA Units : 433290

The Lovibond® AF329 is a special kit for visual colour grading using Platinum-Cobalt/Hazen/APHA Colour over the range 0 - 250 mg Pt/l.
It is typically used for light yellow liquids such as water, oils and chemicals.
The colour is determined by visually matching a column of sample in a Nessler cylinder with precalibrated coloured glass standards, which are stablecoloured and not affected by UV light or extreme environmental conditions.
Because the sample colours are relatively unsaturated, the kit employs a long path length Nessleriser comparator to give greater measurement sensitivity and accuracy.

Consider upgrading to the EComparator 2000 PtCo for visual and automatic measurement. The best of both worlds.

Platinum-Cobalt/Hazen/APHA Colour (ASTM D1209) & (ASTM D5386)
353080 353080

Pair of Nessler cylinders 50 ml, 113 mm with glass anti-meniscus plungers

354200 354200 Pair of Nessler cylinders 250 mm with glass anti-meniscus plungers