AF333 Iodine Colour Scale (DIN 6162) : 433330

Colour Grading According to the Iodine Colour Scale (DIN 6162)

The Iodine Colour scale specified in DIN 6162 varies from yellow to brown as defined by specified dilutions of an iodine solution, ranging from 1 for the lightest colour to 500 for the darkest. It is used mainly in European countries for solvents, plasticisers, resins, oils and fatty acids. For colour registering 1 or less on the Iodine Colour scale, Platinum-Cobalt Units would be applicable.

Based on the Lovibond® Comparator System 2000, this kit is a convenient means of ordering the complete range of equipment required for grading samples according to Iodine Colour. It includes three colour-grading discs, each containing stable-coloured glass standards that represent a portion of the Iodine Colour scale. The sample (in a 25mm or 10mm glass cell) is viewed in the Comparator with the appropriate test disc until a colour match is obtained.

Iodine Colour (DIN 6162)
606810 606810 10 mm path length Series Fused Optical Glass
606860 606860 25 mm path length Series Fused Optical Glass.