AF353 Haemoglobin content of blood (20 - 130%) : 413530

The Lovibond® AF 353 test kit is designed for estimation of blood haemoglobin levels using Harrison's Method.
This method is particularly simple with low running costs since it employs undiluted blood and does not use any reagents. Furthermore, it does not require any power supply for operation. Blood is run directly into a special capillary blood cell and the colour of the blood is matched in a Comparator instrument with a series of precalibrated glass filters. The filters are housed in a pair of Lovibond test discs: disc 5/8A covers the range 20 - 58% haemoglobin; disc 5/8B covers the range 64 - 130% haemoglobin (100% is equivalent to 14.6 g per 100 ml).