AF710-3 : 107103

The AF710-3 is a visual instrument approved by the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) for colour grading of oils and fats according to AOCS Official Method Cc 13b-45, the Wesson Method.  Colour is determined by comparing light transmitted through a column of oil with that transmitted through a series of Red and Yellow glasses calibrated in accordance with the AOCS-Tintometer® Colour Scale.

The glasses enable a colour match to be found from the light passing through the oil. This colour is then expressed in units of Red and Yellow.

AOCS-Tintometer® Colour
A Guide to Path Length by Colour Scale
(ASTM E 313)
Acid Wash Test (ASTM D848)
357110 357110

Pair of glass sample tubes to AOCS requirements.

109080 109080 AF710-3 AOCS Racks
114199 114199 Drip Tray
115600 115600 Porcelain for AOCS
122340 122340 Lamp 12v 20w
134240 AOCS-Tintometer Colour 0.4R 2.0Y (5¼")
134250 AOCS-Tintometer Colour 1.6R 9.0Y (5¼")
134260 AOCS-Tintometer Colour 1.9R 12.0Y (5¼")
134270 AOCS-Tintometer Colour 2.5R 20.0Y (5¼")
134280 AOCS-Tintometer Colour 3.0R 28.0Y (5¼")
109720 109720 AOCS-Tintometer® Colour 3