EC 2000 Gardner : 162020

Resins, Varnishes, Lacquers, Drying Oils, Fatty Acids, Lecithins, Sunflower Oil, Linseed Oil.

GARDNER COLOUR (ASTM D 1544, ASTM D 6166, AOCS Td 1a, MS 817 Part 10)

Measurement Range: 0 – 18
2 Field Comparator View & Numeric Results
Advance from Visual (subjective) to Electronic (objective) Colour Measurement
Immediate & Accurate – Straight from the Box
Guaranteed Agreement with International Standards
Display Results with On-Screen Colour and Numerical Options
Digital, Portable, Push Button Technology
Immediate Reporting from Lab or On-Site
Cells (3 x 10mm W100 Plastic) and (1 x 10mm W100 OG)
Validation Liquid and Glass Standard Included

Gardner Colour
601040 601040 10mm path length
134200 Gardner Colour 2
134210 Gardner Colour 5
134220 Gardner Colour 8